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Helpful Hints

If you have access to trimmings and offcuts from a contorted hazel or willow tree, pull off any remaining dead leaves and lay a few twisted branches along the centre of your white cloth covered table.  Use Red and Green, or combinations of baubles along the length at different heights to dangle.  You may use opened up paper clips, short lengths of florist wire or just the bauble loops to hang them  from the branches.  This is a quick, cheap and effective way to decorate the table.

If you feel like covering the twigs in a matt white paint such as chalk paint or white outside walll paint this would also be effective and can be used at any time of the year with the simple addiution of either fruits or single  flower heads.  The twigs can be kept for several years but will become more brittle over time.

When entering any flower arranging competition pay special attention to every word on the Title.

Re read and make sure you carry out your arrangement taking into account each descriptive word

used in the title.


If there is a word that you do not know the exact meaning of look it up in a dictionary or try

using "Google" on the internet to find the meaning which may be more than one.

If the title says "Foliage only" do not be tempted to put any flowers in as this may disqualify

your entry or lose you marks.  Pay attention to the overall size if stipulated as one cm or inch that

a single leaf or flower extends past the given size may lead to disqualification.  Remember stems may

droop or will take your flower etc. over the line.


"Goiogle Images" can give a bit of an idea of a suitable design.




After your Spring, Summer and Autumn flowers have flowered in your garden, if possible, leave some of the more obvious seed heads on the plant to dry out.  These can then be harvested and tied in bunches to hang upside-down and then sprayed in Christmas tints of silver, gold, copper or white and further may be sprayed with a liquid spray glue with glitter sprinkled over.  These can make stunning additions to seasonal arrangements or Christmas Day table arrangements. 

Dried agapanthus heads (on their stems or not) with the seed removed leaving the "sputnik" like head look stunning sprayed in silver and covered in glitter.  Sprayed white on their stems they make stunning additions to a winter arrangement, rather like snowballs.  This also works well with alium heads.

Crocosmia seed stems again are strong, long lasting and look good either natural or sprayed in your choice of colour.

Double Poppy (Papava) seed pods on their stems dry nicely hung upside-down (watch the eeds that fall out by the hundred as they dry).



Two ways of using an aspidistra leaf to make a simple arrangement or "posy". The first twists a leaf into a "cone shape" which is stapled and a single bloom is inserted down through the bottom of the cone allowing the flower to sit comfortably in its place. Cut the stems and tie with a ribbon.

The second design uses three leaves each of the same size.  The top leaf is folded with upper sides together and stapled at one third and two thirds of the way down, towards the edge.  The second leaf is lifted both sides and stapled to the edge of each side of the first leaf in the middle with the third leaf being lifted at the sides and stapled to the edges of the second leaf at one third and two thirds down the length.  This forms little honeycomb shape areas.  (More leaves can be used to form a bigger design)  Stems of single flowers are then inserted through the honeycomb holes down through and next to the stems of the leaves.  The arrangement is then cut and tied with a ribbon.

IMG 0006

If you or a friend or neighbour has a chinese palm fruit tree (the fan type palm) you may wish to look up for the remaining bare fruit stems.  Try cutting them off - with their bulky brown old leaf near where it joins the tree.  These can make very attractive displays and can be spray coloured, or spray snow covered to add to arrangements, making a very interesting addition to an arrangement.chinese palm branch 001

This may not appeal to you but in some instances it can look stunning.  Just let the imagination flow.

Have you got a hint?

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