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After your Spring, Summer and Autumn flowers have flowered in your garden, if possible, leave some of the more obvious seed heads on the plant to dry out.  These can then be harvested and tied in bunches to hang upside-down and then sprayed in Christmas tints of silver, gold, copper or white and further may be sprayed with a liquid spray glue with glitter sprinkled over.  These can make stunning additions to seasonal arrangements or Christmas Day table arrangements. 

Dried agapanthus heads (on their stems or not) with the seed removed leaving the "sputnik" like head look stunning sprayed in silver and covered in glitter.  Sprayed white on their stems they make stunning additions to a winter arrangement, rather like snowballs.  This also works well with alium heads.

Crocosmia seed stems again are strong, long lasting and look good either natural or sprayed in your choice of colour.

Double Poppy (Papava) seed pods on their stems dry nicely hung upside-down (watch the eeds that fall out by the hundred as they dry).



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