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Two ways of using an aspidistra leaf to make a simple arrangement or "posy". The first twists a leaf into a "cone shape" which is stapled and a single bloom is inserted down through the bottom of the cone allowing the flower to sit comfortably in its place. Cut the stems and tie with a ribbon.

The second design uses three leaves each of the same size.  The top leaf is folded with upper sides together and stapled at one third and two thirds of the way down, towards the edge.  The second leaf is lifted both sides and stapled to the edge of each side of the first leaf in the middle with the third leaf being lifted at the sides and stapled to the edges of the second leaf at one third and two thirds down the length.  This forms little honeycomb shape areas.  (More leaves can be used to form a bigger design)  Stems of single flowers are then inserted through the honeycomb holes down through and next to the stems of the leaves.  The arrangement is then cut and tied with a ribbon.

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