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Helpful Hints

As Autumn is now with us and the leaves are falling leaving bare twigs consider collecting these

then try to twist them together to form wreath type shapes, or heart shapes.  These can then be

used to decorate at Christmas or other times with either fresh or dried flowers and leaves.

twig heart shape  twig spheres


Try rolling and entwining the twigs into spheres to be decorated and hung up.  Nests can also be

made and used as "containers" for your arrangements.


Long trailing branches like "old man's neard" from the hedgerows are great for forming these shapes

as they tend to have long trailing pieces.


Shapes can be formed with chicken wire as a basic shape and then roughly covered with twigs, bark,

moss etc.

Following an interesting demo and examples of manipulating phormium tenax, flax and birch Members

may wish to log on to to find some details and further points of interest on this subject.

woven flower


Next time you are taking a relaxing walk either in the forest or on the beach always carry a supermarket carrier bag in your pocket to collect unusual, pretty, ornamental or useful pieces of broken tree bark, twigs with lichen growing along its length, driftwood etc. which can be used to interpret a flower arrangement theme.



When some of your flowers in the garden have "gone to seed" try picking them and leavinallium seed headg to dry before spraying them with a gold or silver Oasis Spray.  This will give them a new lease of life for your Christmas Arrangements.  Some which lend themselves to this are Agapanthus, Honesty, Crocosmia and Poppy seed heads.  Sea Lavendar sprays also look very nice sprayed and then dipped in "glitter"... 

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