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Liz Pelley, NAFAS teacher and demonstrator came to the July meeting with a demonstration entitled "Inspirations".

Two sets of different sized hoops covered in string and joined at an angle and placed on a tall metal stand provided the base for this arrangement.  Garrya eliptica, looped aspidistra and fatsia gave the outline before pale green lisianthus, green carnations and pink roses (Sweet Avalanche) were added.

A contemporary design followed using a small metal square with a spike attached in the centre.  A piece of hollow bark was fitted over the spike with moss attached.  Five pale green orchid flowers together with pieces of umbrella plant were inserted into test tubes and attached to the moss and pieces of covered wire were inserted to add interest. A second similar arrangement completed this design.

A large circle covered with different sized buttons and fixed to a metal triangle provided the inspiration for this design.  Some hooped aspidistra leaves and some twisted aspidistra leaves were inserted together with large sunflowers to complete this arrangement.

A large Oasis ring was used for this design. Tall pale green lisianthus and lavender were placed  in groups of three around the ring with some dark red spray carnations in between.  Moss was placed on the Oasis and some birch twigs added.  A large glass container complete with a white candle was placed in the centre to complete this design.

The final arrangement had a tropical theme.  A piece of carpet roll painted white and a large white plate placed on top was the base for this arrangement. Phoenix palm leaves, fatsias and monstera all sprayed with leaf shine were inserted.  Stems of red heliconium were placed centrally in a line before beautiful orange pin cushion proteas were added.  A really colourful arrangement.

Throughout the demonstration Liz gave ideas on using everyday itmes for flower arranging.

Ed by Jan Read



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