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At the October meeting the Chairman, Mary Goff, welcomed Rosie Souter (Mrs Else Henn-Collins' daughter) and Karen Sturgeon (Else's companion/carer) - a special occasion for the Club as Rosie was there to present the rose bowl given to the Club by Else's family in memory of her Mother.  Rosie talked about her Mother's love of all things floral and the success of the Club which Else had started 53 years ago and is still flourishing and offering demonstrations, workshops, annual outings, etc. to over forty members.  The rose bowl reminded Rosie of the frequent summer garden parties for the Club in the marquee at Else's home.  Rosie then presented the rose bowl to the Chairman which will be awarded each year for the member with the most points gained in the monthly competitions in the year.

                      oct mtg 2013 021

  Competition Title "KITCHENALIA"  
1st Sue Staines 2nd Ann Faircloth 3rd Mary Goff
oct mtg 2013 003 oct mtg 2013 014 oct mtg 2013 001
Highly Commended Jan Read Highly Commended Carolyn Hanley Highly Commended Sylvia Measday
oct mtg 2013 002 oct mtg 2013 009 oct mtg 2013 013
Commended Glenda Holt    
oct mtg 2013 004    
1st Wendy Cardy 2nd Brenda Close 3rd Veronica Hoare
oct mtg 2013 005 oct mtg 2013 015 oct mtg 2013 006
1st Noreen Young 2nd Christine Olden 3rd Mavis Warwick
oct mtg 2013 012 oct mtg 2013 010 oct mtg 2013 016







Bring along a wine bottle either full

or filled with sand or fluid to give a

good ballance, together with small

flowers and foliage to make your

display on your bottle


This month's competition was entitled "In the Pink" to co-ordinate with "Thank Heavens for Little Girls"

1st Ann Faircloth 2nd Glenda Holt 2nd Carolyn Hanley
 P1040616  P1040610  P1040615
3rd Mary Goff Highly Commended Jan Read  
P1040611  P1040612  
1st Erika Welton 2nd Wendy Cardy  
 P1040613  P1040614  
1st Noreen Young 2nd Christine Olden Highly Commended Joanne Culver
 P1040619  P1040618  P1040620
Highly Commended Sue Sackley    

Well done again to you all.  Next Month's

Competition is entitled "KITCHENALIA"


Carole Stables, the demonstrator for our September meeting, congratulated the members on the large number of entries for the monthly competition entitled "In the Pink".

Carole began her demonstration entitled "Thank Heavens for Little Girls" with an arrangement interpreting her pregnancy with a white sphere, pink ribbon threaded around the middle and then she proceeded to make a design in the top using eucalyptus,senecio, pink sedum, small white chrysanthemums, Snowflake spray roses, white veronica and beautiful ivory and pink roses named Secret.



The second arrangement using a large tea cup and saucer signified friendship and children starting school.  Carole used green and cream hosta leaves around the edge of the cup with ting ting in the middle to represent the steam.  Three sunflowes were inserted and to finish two Crispendium to represent the stirrers.  The design was completed with an artificial cake and talk of happy memories over a cuppa.

Sailing was the subject for the next design using a pewter coloured container to represent the boat when her daughter was old enough to go sailing with her Dad.  Conifer was arranged to one side and bergenia leaves on the other side and nigella to represent the sea.  Carole placed the sail she had made from chicken wire, pink and white meddlino sticks (soaked in cold water to make more pliable) and then bright red gemini were inserted to represent the crew.  Beautiful large blue hydrangeas were added with looped white meddlino sticks to create the bow wave.


The teenage years were represented with a cornucopia which Carole had fashioned from lime green and red sisal and fir cones and long stems of foliage were added to extend the length of the cornucopia.  Choisya, cream hypericum berries, artificial grapes, eryngium, purple buddleia, magenta Celosia and halved oranges completed the design.

For the last design, Carole was looking forward to her daughter's wedding sometime in the future and talked about some of the different themed weddings she had done over the years.  A green and white design using Rhododendron foliage, privet, Ammi, white Avalanche roses and white gladiolus was then placed in a beautiful large martini glass.  "Thank Heavens for Little Girls" was played as she worked on the arrangement.


The members thoroughly enjoyed the demonstration..

Editorial by Jan Read

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