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This year the Club had an entry in the Club Class of the Flower Show arranged by our three volunteers under the title of "A Day to Remember"

This was the first time these ladies had entered this class and they had been working hard for weeks behind the scenes on their entry "Royal Ascot".  Their exhibit did our Club proud and was marked Highly Commended.  Congratulations to Noreen, Lin and Barbara and many thanks from the Club.  Many comments were heard from visitors who thought our Club entry was wonderful and Radio Solent commented on this during its show on Wednesday - so well done again girls we really were in the news.

Mary Goff and Jan Read had several entries both doing extremely well and again representing the talents of Blackfield Flower Club.  Mary had a 2nd in "I must go down to the sea again" and Jan a 3rd.  In the Petite Class Mary gained a 3rd and Jan a Commended (this was a very big class with a lot of entries).  Mary also gained a Highly Commended in My Green World.  In the Hand Tied Class Mary gained a Very Highly Commended too.

All round we give our congratulations to our gallant Members and their very fine achievements.

Our thanks from the Club to those members who helped with "overseeing the public in the flower tent" and giving their time and also the good publicity for our Club.

IMG 1272

IMG 1274 IMG 1275
IMG 1276 IMG 1277
IMG 1278 IMG 1279
"I Must go down to the sea again 2nd Mary Goff I must go down to the sea again 3rd Jan Read
IMG 1298 IMG 1299
Petitle Class Mary Goff 3rd Pwtite Class Jan Read Commended
IMG 1300 IMG 1301
Mary Goff "My Green World" Highly Commended Mary Goff "Hand Tied Bunch Very Highly Commended

IMG 1304IMG 1306

A wonderful cream tea was organised and held in Glenda's garden on what turned out to be a hot and beautiful Summer's afternoon.

As we arrived at Glenda's home there was a welcoming flower arrangement in striking red and orange with a well made sign indicating our entrance into the back garden.  As we entered we were offered a cooling glass of Pimms which went down a treat, so refreshing.  The garden has been laid out and the individual tables decorated with flower arrangements with bunting decorating the lawned area.  A raffle table, bring and buy and plant stalls were all packed with goodies.

We sat down at the tables in our decorated hats and were served with tea and cake together with freshly made scones with cream and strawberries.  We served our tea from matching china pots and joined in with the pleasant chattering amongst Members.  Many Members had decorated hats and one remarked that she had tried to go one better than "Mrs Shilling" and introduced herself as "Mrs Half a Crown", wearing a hat which was really flambouyant.  Our Chairman came in a hat made from black bin bags, very attractive, and many others adorned with flowers.  Our Treasurer had used freshly conditioned foliage and flowers for her beautiful hat.  The hats were judged and a prize given to the best one worn by Sylvia's daughter which matched her summer dress beautifully.

The afternoon raised around £220 for Clubs funds so well done to Glenda and her husband and Veronica for all the hard work involved.

IMG 1271 IMG 1269 IMG 1268
IMG 1267 IMG 1266 IMG 1265
IMG 1264 IMG 1263 IMG 1262
IMG 1261 IMG 1260 IMG 1258
 IMG 1256  IMG 1257  



Six of our willing Members kindly and enthusiastically created arrangements under the title "Masked" which were displayed in Fawley Church on Saturday 6th July. 

The display table was covered with a black cloth which highlighted the very colourful creations drawing people into the church and showing how Blackfield Flower Club could create beautiful flower compositions.  Many lovely remarks were overhead to be said and the Club was really proud of the exhibition.

Designs created by Sylvia Manuel, Carolyn Hanley, June Needham, Margaret Vance, Ann Lyons and Glenda Holt




1st Carolyn Hanley Joint 2nd Mary Goff Joint 2nd Sue Staines
IMG 1223 IMG 1220 IMG 1219
Joint 3rd Glenda Holt Joint 3rd Jan Read Highly Commended Sylvia Measday
IMG 1221 IMG 1224 IMG 1228 
1st Erika Welton Joint 2nd Wendy Cardy Joint 2nd Brenda Close
IMG 1226 IMG 1225 IMG 1232
1st Noreen Young 2nd Christine Olden  
IMG 1231 IMG 1227  





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