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Our Members enjoyed a demonstration entitled "Supermarket Dash" given by Area Demonstrator, Marion Catt on a very warm and sunny afternoon.

To start the demonstration Marion skilfully made an arrangement with a bunch of supermarket mixed flowers and a round clear plastic container with a grid made from sellotape across the top and inserted 1 lily, 1 trachelium, 1 statice, 3 stems of white spray chrysanthemums, white lisianthus edged with purple and some green foliage.  The completed arrangement was then placed into a pale green gift bag making an attractive present.  Marion mentioned her good relationship with the assistant dealing with the flowers in the supermarket and had sometimes been asked to help male customers choose flowers.

The next design featured a wooden wine box brought back from France and Marion used flowers and foliage from the supermarket and the wholesaler for this design.  Sugar pine, fern, ruscus, bergenia leaves, hosta leaves, cotinus and hebe formed the outline of the arrangement and then some beautiful flowers were added, namely, sweet Williams, dark red carnations, orange gerberas, dark red roses, deep pink lilies and lime green alchemilla mollis.  Marion mentioned that the dried heads of the alchemilla plant can be made into a tea similar to camomile and used as a muscle relaxant.

IMG 1238 IMG 1237

Two wire fruit bowls wired together and decorated with lime green meddlino sticks and green wool was used for the third design.  A posy holder was placed over the oasis to help cover same and Marion created a modern design with three very striking papyrus tied at the top, some folded aspidistra leaves, fatsia leaves, green anthuriums, green chrysanthemums and green and white cucuma.  Two pears were added as a final touch.

IMG 1239 IMG 1236

For the next design Marion used an enamel bread bin which held fond memories for her and proceeded to make a horizontal arrangement using iris leaves, rubus, conifer, hosta leaves, variegated box, choisya, dried phormium leaves (sprayed black) to link with the black lettering, dried wheat, white seedheads, feverfew, white dahlias, white astilbe, yellow loosestrife and some beautiful sunflowers.  Bread rolls baked in the oven at low temperature until hard were placed on sticks and inserted in the design.

For the final arrangement Marion used a large cup and saucer as shopping often involves stopping for a cup of tea or coffee and cake.  A selection of foliage had been arranged in the cup previously and included spirea, hosta, cotinus, fern and weigela.  Marion then added green lisianthus, Californian bluebell, blue veronica, deep pink roses, alchemilla mollis and individual flowers from a spray of pale pink orchid.  A spray of a green orchid was placed at the base of the design.

IMG 1240


The monthly competition "Summer Rainbow" attracted a lot of entries and provided a most colourful sight giving a real atmosphere of summer to the afternoon.

Editorial by Jan Read

Many of our club Members took to the roads today enjoying an arranged visit to Pam Lewis's Garden and workshops.  The leisurely journey was colourful and relaxing although the driver got "lost" on route.  After arriving in the rain we were met by our friendly welcoming host Pam Lewis and enjoyed a warm "cuppa" together with biscuits. On sale were freshly baked cakes and preserves which we purchased before being given a guided tour by Pam. 

We entered the garden through an archway crowned by a beautiful mid pink clematis, passing by some very unusual pieces of driftwood which had been cleverly displayed to catch our attention

IMG 1155  IMG 1160


The rain had started to hold off as umbrellas were safely folded away on the journey through the large and fascinating garden layout. We passed so many unusual and well grown exhibits.  A large white ceanothus donned the first corner dripping its boughs down towards the packed herbaceous bed below.

IMG 1161  IMG 1166

So many oohs and aahs were heard as we walked past an established deep purple wisteria which seemed to go on for ever with flower stems measuring about 18 inches long.  Cameras were clicking rapidly as heads turned from bloom to bloom.

Nestled towards the back at one point was a large "Yellow Paeony".  So heavy were the blooms that their heads were drunk with the weight.  The paeony contrasted against the mid crimson hues of a tree paeony whose foliage was fresh and fanciful.

IMG 1190IMG 1168

A very quick shower guided us towards a summer house which was where we found some wall hangings constructed from different twigs in a monochrome design which were very catching to the eye. Walking back out towards an ornamental pond with a beautiful arched bridge the planting continued to be interesting and contrasting.  Large dark coloured heucheras stood out between emerald greens including begenia. IMG 1193IMG 1173

From here we walked on through a really well groomed and regimental vegetable garden crammed with fresh salads in front of cages where soft fruit bushes hung with their summer bounties waiting to ripen.  Stopping along the way Pam answered numerous questions from our Members as we saw pride in her eyes (rightfully earned).  We came through to her greenhouse full of succulents and surrounded by numerous rooted cuttings for sale which we eagerly purchased.

IMG 1189


Pam's wrought iron workshop was a treat to see with so many pieces, all for sale.  We were now back towards the front of the bungalow where we noticed a gorgeous dusky pink cluster of poppies before turning to go through to the wild area where we found an enormous pond with ducks bred by Pam and her husband.

IMG 1194 IMG 1199

A longer walk round the pond took us past a "gypsy type" caravan which Pam's husband had built and one which they let out to "holiday makers" who were lucky enough to have the beautiful grounds to enjoy.

We moved on now back into the Demonstration hall with Pam's own stage and were delighted with a well presented and freshly prepared cold luncheon followed by home made desserts to choose from and a further cup of tea.

As our plates were cleared away Pam started her afternoon's demonstration which consisted of five double exhibits the first being a copy of those prepared for the Abbey earlier in the year.  These exhibits were then raffled (FREE) amongst our members before being treated to a further afternoon drink and a short walk down the lane, back to the coach.

A great day out and one which we well recommend to other Clubs..

IMG 1212 IMG 1213

IMG 1215 IMG 1214

IMG 1216

Editorial: Sue Staines



It is with great sadness in our hearts that we announce the death of Pam Hyder who passed away

on Sunday 19th May 2013.


Pam had been very poorly recently fighting her battle with Cancer and our thoughts have been with her

very much during the past weeks..


As a Member of the Club for over Forty years Pam had supported it by helping out in many ways.

She always had a smile to greet people and a very warm and welcoming character.  She loved her

flower arranging and will be greatly missed by all her friends at Blackfield Flower Club..


Our condolences have been sent to her family


Pam's funeral will be on Monday 3rd June at 2.15 at St. John's, Hythe with a burial later at Eling Cemetery.

A wake will follow at The Anchor Pub, Eling.  Members are welcome to attend.


pink lily


Members are invited to attend a Coffee Morning on Tuesday 28th May to enjoy the hospitality offered by Sue Staines at 20 Ashdown Road, Fawley, SO451EF at 10.30 a.m.  The proceeds will be used to pay for the Club's exhibit at the New Forest Show in July.




Tickets are £2.50 and it would be great if people could bring along an item which they have either baked, grown, stitched, painted, created, designed etc. to donate to the cause where the items will be offered for sale to boost the coffers, along with a flower raffle etc.


Entry by Ticket or you are welcome to turn up on the day (BRING A FRIEND IF YOU LIKE).  Any queries please to Sue on 02380 892673.

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