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The Club held a workshop today where members were asked to bring along the necessary foliage, flowers and all items required to make a "Floral Handbag" .


A short demonstration was given by Sue Staines giving different ideas for the construction of the "Handbag" and her three designs were then included in the raffle.


IMG 1137 IMG 1138 IMG 1139



Members then enjoyed the rest of the afternoon making their own designs which culminated in a great show at the end of the afternoon.


Carolyn Hanley Veronica Hoare Sue Sackley
IMG 1140 IMG 1141 IMG 1142
June Needham Noreen Young Joanne Culver
IMG 1143 IMG 1144 IMG 1145
Glenda Holt Barbara Keats Margaret Vance
IMG 1146 IMG 1147 IMG 1148
Lynne Eldridge Marilyn Nugus Christine Olden
IMG 1149 IMG 1150 IMG 1151
Sylvia Measday    
IMG 1152    

Our Flower Club has been running successfully for 53 years due to the efforts of a good committee.  Since the Club is now run by Rules of the Constitution, as every good club should be, it means that Members of the Committee can stand for 3 years and then have to "stand down" to give someone else the chance to be nominated to serve on the Committee.  Our Secretary has served voluntarily for over 20 years and will be standing down at the end of our Club Year.


We desperately need to find someone to take over from Jan for next year but in the meantime we need that "someone" to shadow her so that they know what to do when the new post is filled.


All Committee Members are volunteers and are not paid and the club could not run without them.  We are really desperate to find a replacement - this job could be shared between two people if necessary.  Being the Secretary means you attend the monthly committee meetings where you would have a chance to have your say in the day to day running of the club with the other friendly committee members.  We are all here to help one another and are very willing to give full support to the new "volunteer".


The Club is run by The Chairman (Mary) who has a Vice Chairman (Sue Staines to stand  in her absense), A Treasurer (Sue Grier), A Secretary (Jan Read) a Programme Secretary (Sue Staines) and two lay members Stella and Glenda together with the President Rosemary Stott who all do an invaluable job.  Mary and Jan stand down at the end of the year and Sue Staines will take the lead as Chairman.  You can well understand the need to find a replacement for the Secretary ASAP. On top of this we have an auxilliary committee who steadfastly carry out many of the tasks needed to help the club run smoothly.  All Committee Members are fully appreciated.


If you have any thoughts that you may be able to help, or if you know of anyone we could approach, please phone any of us on the Committee whose contact details can be found under "About Us - Committee".




Many Thanks Sue Staines









Three brave Club Member Volunteers have bravely taken up the challenge of competing in the Club Class of this year's New Forest Show with the title "A Day to Remember".  Noreen Young led the trio with Lynne Eldridge and Barbara Keates.  Good lucvk to you and we will be with you all the way.

Our Members were treated to a most interesting and informative demonstration by Nick Heal from Bridgewater, Somerset.  The demonstration was entitled "Weaving and Winding Wonders" and the first design featured a shopping basket woven from Phormium tenax which had been made by Nick.  Various types of foliage including conifer, pittisporum, a pretty red hebe (Silver Dollar) and a manipulated palm leaf rose, were placed in the basket, together with purple stock, pink lisianthus dusky pink carnations (Babylon) and pale mauve Memory Lane roses.  A hat woven from phormium and decorated with two flowers fashioned from the same material and pink looped medelino sticks completed the design.

April 2013 016

April 2013 019

The next design featured a black

florist's bucket completely covered in

small rounds of dogwood glued on by Nick. 

A curved line of cream Artemis roses gave

height to the arrangement and then

narcissi (Bridal Crown) and yellow tulips

were added along with gold and green


Silver birch woven together with copper wire by Nick was the container for this design and fatsia leaves and conifer, together with green flowers placed in groups of two including Anastasia chrysanthemums and moluccella and four plaited curved palm leaves gave another dimension to the design.  Nick demonstrated how to plait the leaves and made it look very easy.

April 2013 021 April 2013 024
April 2013 022 April 2013 026

A tall copper rectangular container was the inspiration for a design using dogwood thuja Sabrina gold, pieris, red hebe, bergenia leaves, restio grass and palm leaves which had been manipulated into rosettes all the way along the stem.  Impact was added to this design with strelitzias, three pink proteas and bronze alstromeria.

Nick produced another container he had made - this time a large wooden bowl made from fruit boxes.  A selection of foliage including fatsia, senecio, grisselinia, rosemary and willow formed the outline of the design with longiflorum lilies, white antirrhinums, blue hyacinths, muscari, cream gerberas, green rununculus and some plaited palm leaves.

April 2013 028 April 2013 030

The last design was very contemporary with a solid rectangular wooden base with three tall wavy metal canes which were embellished with some willow spheres and test tubes which had been attached to hold the arum italicum pictum leaves, green tulips and green anthuriums. 

The Members thoroughly enjoyed the demonstration and learning about the weaving of phormium tenax and all the different ways to manipulate palm leaves.


Editorial by Jan Read 

Nick also showed examples of sheep and a chicken, together with heart shaped birch twig hangings showing the versatility of materials.

April 2013 037 April 2013 038


Members may wish to brouse helpful hints which will lead to a website for plaiting and playing with flax etc.

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