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  This Month's Title "Spring Basket"  
1st Sue Staines 2nd Jan Read 3rd Glenda Holt
April 2013 006 April 2013 005 April 2013 007
H. C. Mary Goff H. C. Ann Faircloth  
April 2013 004 April 2013 008  
1st Wendy Cardy 2nd Ann Gilling 3rd Erika Welton
April 2013 013 April 2013 015 April 2013 009
1st Brenda Close 2nd Noreen Young 3rd Christine Olden
April 2013 014 April 2013 010 April 2013 011

Pleasant Surprise Noreen Young's

Granddaughter wanted to "have a go"

  Mia's brilliant attempt  
  April 2013 012  

Next Month's Meeting is a Workshop entitled "Making a Handbag".  Members have been given a list of things to bring in order to make their floral "Handbag" during the workshop.  Any Member who was not present to receive this list should contact Sue Staines on 02380 892673 for details.


Here is a first attempt to show the sort of thing we ae trying to create.


IMG 1135

This Month's Competition Title "Memories"
1st Mary Goff 2nd Jan Read
march bfc 2013 003 march bfc 2013 005
1st Ann Gidding 2nd Wendy Cardy
march bfc 2013 010 march bfc 2013 009
1st Noreen Young

2nd Christine Olden

march bfc 2013 008 march bfc 2013 006

Jenny Winstone was welcomed with her demonstration entitled "Contrasts".  The first arrangement featured two tall yellow containers to which Jenny added a colourful paddle to each container which she had made from wire and woven with various types and colours of biodegradable material, thus adding interest to each arrangement.  Blue irises, dried sedum, choisya, variagated foliage, small green chrysanthemums and yellow tulips grouped on one side and two colour tulips in pink and yellow were placed in the other container.

march bfc 2013 014    march bfc 2013 015

A large metal container decorated with pieces of rope, netting and other items normally found washed up on a beach co-ordinated with the colours of the flowers.  Two lage pieces of purple coral were placed to one side of the arrangement and various types of foliage inserted including senecio, euonymus and pittisporum with pink carnations to the other side.  Teasels and cream roses tinged with pink completed the arrangement.

A tall silver basket was produced for the next design and into this were placed one piece of willow trellis, sprayed silver and an unusual type of frilly leafed ivy (Christata) was included in the arrangement together with euonymus and magenta carnations providing a splash of colour and to complete the design some green Anastasia chrysanthemum.

march bfc 2013 016march bfc 2013 018

Gerberas gave impact to the next design - mini magenta gerberas and large dark red gerberas were placed in an oblong black basket decorated with white sticks and some red berries at the front and then choisya, skimmia and euonymus added and white medelino sticks looped through the design.

A black plinth provided the base for the last design which featured a large metal open work dish and large fatsia leaves were added together with folded aspidistra leaves, ivy seedheads, conifer and osmanthus.  Dried hydrangea heads, green carnations, deep pink roses and beautiful large pink anthuriums completed the design or so we thought, until Jenny produced an identical arrangement she had put together earlier.

Editorial written by Jan Read

                         march bfc 2013 017

It is with much sadness that we announce the death of our Former Life President Mrs Else Henn Collins on Tuesday 19th February 2013 .  Else founded the club 53 years ago and has worked dilligently and with great enthusiasm to take the club forward through the decades and into the 21st century.  Her passion for flowers and all things flora together with her true, caring and kind attitude will be sadly missed by all the Club and it's associates. 

Else was a true "Lady" and the Club will continue to prosper in her memory, giving ladies of the community the chance to meet and enjoy the art of flower arranging.

                                 Summer 2006 pictures 033


                                                                                    Kind Hearts are the Garden

                                                                                    Kind Thoughts are the Roots

                                                                                    Kind Words are the Flowers

                                                                                    Kind Deeds are the Fruits

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