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The Members were entertained by four volunteers from the Club at the January "In-House" meeting.  Glenda Holt was first on stage with a fun arrangement with yellow and pink roses placed in a posy pad and purple Lisianthus providing some height.  Cadbury's Roses chocolates were interspersed in the arrangement.  As Glenda worked, she told us an amusing true story from her childhood in the north-east when a lorry load of toffees became stuck under a road bridge and the villages had an unexpected share of the toffees.  The finished arrangement was placed on a tin of Cadbury's Roses.


Glenda working on her arrangement The finished arrangement
IMG 1014 IMG 1015


Christine Olden chose a white pedestal container for her design.  Many types of foliage including Eucalyptus, Bottle Brush, ittisporum, Hebe and Ivy seedheads were used together with pink Roses, pink Lisianthus, Eryngium, Veronica and lastly, some Gypsophillia to link with the white container.  Christine talked of her involvement with the New Forest Show last year and the Queen's visit to the Vintage Machinery area and the Victorian Kitchen where bread and cakes had been baked.


Christine working on her arrangement  The finished arrangement
IMG 1016 IMG 1028


Ann Faircloth kept us guessing with her first arrangement, only telling us that she was interpreting a pantomime.  A colourful arrangement of dark red Chrysanthemums, Golden Rod, red and orange Gerberas was placed on top of a golden drape and then Ann produced a large lantern and it became clear that the pantomime was "Aladdin". A small arrangement of pink and white Alstromeria was placed in the base of the lantern.

Ann continued the pantomime theme with her next arrangement using dried Sorrel which had received the sparkle treatment, Viburnam, Pittisporum, Ivy seedheads, Arum Pictum leaves and then pink Gerberas and purple spray Carnations.  When she produced a black cat, complete with handmade boots, everyone guessed this design was interpreting "Puss in Boots".

Ann then surprised with yet another arrangement she had prepared earlier with white spray Chrysanthemums, white spray Carnations and Senecio and placed on a white drape with seven artifical snowballs, hence "Snow White".


Ann working on her design with her finished arrangements
IMG 1018 IMG 1017
IMG 1019 IMG 1024


Noreen Young was the last Member to take the stage and used a small round basket linked by a tripod (to give some height and decorated with ivy trails) to an oasis dish and produced a curved design using Broom, Myrtle, Ivy leaves, pink Tulips and pink Camelias. Pink tulips were also placed in the basket.  Noreen talked about her work as a florist in a Bournemouth flower shop where celebrities appearing at the pavilion would visit the shop for bouquets.  


Noreen working on her design

Noreen's finished Hogarth Curve


IMG 1021 IMG 1027


Our dedicated "Volunteers" taking their vote of thanks

IMG 1023

Ann Faircloth, Noreen Young, Christine Olden, Glenda Holt


Our Club wishes all it's Members and friends a very Happy New Year and welcomes all new friends who wish to become Members.  Please just come along and enjoy a sociable afternoon.

Our Members enjoyed a Christmas Dinner at the Dibden Golf Club  After the Dinner they were entertained by a talk from Trish Lewis.  Our Ladies joined in with wartime Christmas memories and songs.

During the afternoon a presentation was made to our Chairman Mary Goff in recognition of her work during the year, to Rosemary Stott our President and Mrs Else Henn-Collins our Life President for their continued support to the Club.

IMG 0976 IMG 0977
IMG 0978 IMG 0979
IMG 0980


Members were asked to bring along a decorated cracker to be put onto the dinner tables each containing something up to the value of £1.  It was surprising to see the assortment of gifts received from inside the cracker.


IMG 0975

Our Flower Competition was entitled "White Christmas in a 4" flower pot".

"White Christmas in a 4" flower pot
IMG 0986 IMG 0984 IMG 0985
IMG 0983 IMG 0987 IMG 0988
IMG 0990 IMG 0991 IMG 0992

The Club is running a "Stall" offering Christmas arrangements for sale at the Esso Theatre in Holbury with proceeds going to the Air Ambulance Charity.  Club Members have made offers of help and any further offers or donations of accessories, greenery etc or help making up arrangements on the day should be offered to either Monica or Sue through the contact section under "Get in touch" on the website  please.xmas arrangement


Our grateful thanks go to Tesco Store at Dibden Purlieu for donating some of the flowers for this event.



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