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Img 0889At our last Meeting on 11 September Pam Welch entertained us with her interpretation of Five Festivals. The first arrangement depicted the Indian Hornbill Festival from the Nagaland tribes giving flashes of bright iridescent yellow and crimson dahlias arranged between twisting dried banana leaves ,highlighted in the centre by yellow/red Achilles sprays.



Silk Road FestivalThe romantic Silk Road Festival from Syria was staged next in a huge ribbed orange urn. Curving stems of the climbing hydrangea and variegated ivy formed the "S" shaped arrangement skillfilly balanced by foliage of the large and small Fatshedera together with spotted Acuba. Colour was added with bright orange Gemini and Amaranthus Hot Biscuit.




Ati-Atihan FestivalThe Festivals continued with a white display representing the Ati-Atihan Festival from the Philippine Islands. The story included canoeists escaping down river, represented using a Funky cane canoe shaped base, with white birch twigs one side, balanced by huge Columbian white roses on the other, both centred with rolled aspidistra leaves as the rowers and the water spray effect made with fountain grass – completely stunning.


Festival of PacificaThe fourth Festival of Pacifica from Auckland started with a wreath of sprayed bark chunks. A bundle of steel grass rose in the centre and arranged cascading down this were Chincherees. Nestled in the base amongst Choicya sprigs were English Green Alstroemerias with pink edging. Adding solidity to this, loops of Phormium tenax Pink Lady were laced with five black Cala lilies.



Tartan FestivalThe finale from the Tartan Day Festival of New York was based around heather coloured tartan draped rope covered containers, both enhanced with purple Liatris and Veronica spikes, arranged through drak burgundy Pittisporum Tom thumb and Sea Lavendar, the whole being finished with central pink sedum heads.








A Funky Arrangement to include Wool


1st Carolyn Hanley 2nd Mary Goff 3rd Ann Faircloth
1st - Carolyn Hanley 2nd - Mary Gof 3rd - Ann Fairclough


 1st Sylvia Measday
 1st - Silvia Measday


1st Wendy Cardy 2nd Noreen Young
1st Wendy Cardy 2nd - Noreen Young



NEXT MONTH'S COMPETITION TITLE – "Autumn is Approaching"

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