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This month the title for the competition was "Recycle"

1st Noreen Young 2nd Carolyn Hanley
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3rd Ann Neal  
Joint 1st Joy Lovelock Joint 1st Frances Barnett
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2nd Jan Read 3rd Sylvia Measday
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1st Lynn Allen 2nd Linda Dorsett
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3rd Christine Olden  
1st Yvonne Malvenney 2nd Frances Connaughton
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3rd Val Cockshott  

Members welcomed Katie Baxter, an Area Demonstrator from Ringwood to the September meeting with a demonstration entitled "Recycle and Re-use".

Katie used various types of foliage to create the outline of the first design before adding two dark aspidistra leaves to give height and a beautiful green orchid.  Small alliums, white kalanchoe, hydrangea and green hypericum berries were also included.  The design was placed on a recycled pedestal together with a smaller design placed into a round coffee bean canister which had been painted pale green.  A selection of cardboard tubes in varying heights filled with fir cones and foliage completed this design.


A recycled wooden planter was used for this arrangement.  Fatsia leaves, olive and buxus were inserted before adding tall pink antirrhinums in the centre together with purple larkspur and pink pompom dahlias placed lower in the design.


A large blue cup decorated with white spots complete with saucer was the inspiration for this design.  Mixed foliage was placed around the edge of the cup before adding beautiful pink Antique carnations together with a few pink Avalanche roses and some green hypericum berries.  Two arrangements in smaller cups and saucers completed the design.


For the next design the members watched Katie make a hand-tied bouquet.  Large pink roses, cream hypericum berries, euonymous, Memory Lane carnations, pink dahlias and magenta amaranthus were inserted.  This colourful bouquet was placed in a green pottery jug and a smaller version was put into a pickle jar.  Three wine bottles containing antirrhinums, hydrangea and alliums were placed with the bouquets to complete the design.


A tall plinth made from a piece of painted drainpipe with several discs of wood attached to the top and bottom was used for this design.  Tall steel grass was inserted into a posy pad and an outline made with aspidistra leaves, fatsia and buxus.  Sections of blue bamboo (used at the Winchester Flower Festival) were inserted and blue delphiniums placed against the bamboo.  Several stems of umbrella fern were included together with white lisianthus and white kalanchoe.

A most enjoyable afternoon with many ideas of how to recycle and re-use many everyday items.


Ed by Jan Read

Club members welcomed Gill Homer from Sussex to the July meeting.  The title of the demonstration was "Bright Ideas".  The first design incorporated two square boxes which Gill had covered with aspidistra tape, a very easy to use item available from wholesalers.  Various types of foliage were added including variegated ivy, euonymous, pittisporum and hedera canariensis.  Gerberas in shades of pink and soe orange were added to complete this design.

A very unusual tall slender fluted container was used for the second arrangement.  One cyclad leaf was attached to the outside of the container in a curve to add interest.  A cyclad leaf was inserted to give height together with some hard ruscus and a phoenix palm; a fatsia leaf was placed to one side low in the design.  Grey bulotta was added and, finally, some beauriful orange calla lilies, white lisianthus and yellow roses with a calla lily wired to the cyclad leaf on the outside of the container to give a splash of colour.

A large grey metal urn with a piece of apple wood fixed to the oasis gave interest to this design.  Rubus tricolour, Spirea Bridal Wreath, bay and conifer were added in a fan shape before cream gladioli, white carnations, large yellow chrysanthemums, cream spray carnations and white lisianthus were inserted to complete the desisgn.

A tall contorted willow stand made by Gill's husband and wound with some ivy came next.  Some test tubes filled with lavender and fixed to the willow gave extra interest.  Clematis foliage and variegated ivy was used to drape over the stand. Hard ruscus, bay, fatsia and fern provided the outline before the addition of peach carnations, cream carnations, deep pink roses and dark red roses (Freedom).

Two blue hoops fixed together at the top were used for the last arrangemenet.  A container was placed at the base of the hoops for a low arrangement.  Phoenix palm leaves, leather leaf fern, fatsia, ivy and conifer were inserted before beautiful lime green anthuriumns were added together with orange leucospermum and orange roses (Marie Claire).  Gill suggested this design could be used for a Christmas arrangement.

The demonstration was most enjoyable with five very natural designs and Gill's bubbly personality and sense of humour keeping the members amused throughout the afternoon.

Editorial by Jan Read




1st Noreen Young
 2nd Ann Neal
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Joint 1st Joy Lovelock

Joint 1st Jan Read

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2nd Sylvia Measday 3rd Frances Barnett
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 1st Christine Olden 2nd Erika Welton
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