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Members were in for a treat as Sue Staines took to the stage for the June meeting with a demonstration entitled "If you were in the wood and I was in the wood, would you."  Sue is a talented member of the club and proceeded to entertain with her menu of interesting designs and beautiful flowers, all including wood.

A large piece of driftwood was used for this horizontal design interpreting the appetiser.  Phormium leaves were added to either side with different ferns inserted to follow the line together with fatshedera and conifer.  Green Anatasia chrysanthemums and green hydrangeas were placed horizontally through the centre, Delicate green dendrobium orchids (Burana green) were added to the front of the design.  three wooden deer, a wooden heart and some large fir cones completed the arrangement.


A large rusty fish was used for this design interpreting the starter or fish course.  Two placements were used either side of the fish.  Contorted willow, ornamental grass, zebra grass, shredded phormium leaves, spotted laurel, variegated fatsia, fern and heuchera were inserted before adding yellow roses (Moonwalk), orange gerberas (Applause) and white hypericum berries.  Beautiful orange leucospermum (Tango) were placed low in the designs. Two smaller metal fish and some shells completed the design


The main course followed still with the theme of the sea and using colours of the nutmeg flower mixed with purple of the deep.  A ship's wheel was used for this all round design,  Large palm leaves provided the outline and various types of foliage including hosta, epimedium and dark red heuchera were added.  A vertical line of pink roses (Tacazzi) were placed in the centre before adding carnations and gerberas in pink and purple together with some mauve plectrum and gloriosa lilies.  Pink midelino sticks were formed into a cage around the pink roses to complete this arrangement.



A wooden box was used for this L-shaped design interpreting the dessert course.  Phormium leaves were placed vertically together with contorted hazel.  Various types of foliage including lonicera, pittisporum, hosta and maroon heuchera were added.  Beautiful red Naomi roses were inserted in a line against the contorted hazel.  Purple calla lilies were added and blue hydrangeas were placed low in the arrangement.  Two smaller arangements in boxes completed the design.


A boat complete with mast was used for the last course.  Cocoa spades painted white were used to represent the sails.  Hebe, euonymus and hosta were inserted.  Tall white delphiniums were placed against the mast on one side and a line of white Avalanche roses on the other side.  White anthuriums were placed lower in the design.  Twinkling lights were fixed to the mast and three smaller yachts with lights completed this magical last design.



A truly wonderful demonstration.

Edidtorial by Jan Read


The members welcomed Lyn Mackenzie from Lyndhurst to the May meeting with a demonstration entitled "Tales of Wonder".

The first design depicted Machu Picchu which was declared a World Heritage Site in 1983.  Lyn proceeded to create a modern mass arrangement in a tall round container covered in moss and lichen.  Phormium tenax leaves gave height with phormium also placed diagonally together with fatsia japonica leaves lower in the design.  A beautiful green cymbidium orchid was inserted at the top and green anthuriums, Anatasia chrysanthemums and various types of foliage placed lower in the design.  The arrangement was placed on a small set of wooden steps together with a smaller version to complete the design.

The Rose Red City of Petra was the inspiration for this design;.  Various types of tall dried material and pieces of bark placed at either end of the arrangement were used to represent the cliffs of the siq.  The arrangement in the centre depicted the glimpse through the narrow slit in the cliffs of the city.  Test tubes had been fixed to cornus sticks to achieve the different heights of the flowers.  Orange spray carnations, yellow craspedia, yellow roses and bi-coloured yellow and orange germinis were placed in the design together with a little broom, cinnamon sticks and cornus.

A silver pot on a wooden plinth was used for an interpretation of the Taj Mahal which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.  Dried material had been shaped to form a crescent placed on one side of the design to represent the Crescent of Islam.  Large pieces of magnolia stellata foliage were added to give height and different types of filler foliage including white azalea, ruscus and pittisporum were added low in the design.  Large white oriental lilies, white roses and Anatasia chrysanthemums were inserted and for the final touch, to represent the beautiful decoration on the white marble, small sprays of gypsophilia were included in the design and on the crescent.

The fourth design interpreted the Great Barrier Reef and a large rectangular tray was used to hold two blocks of oasis sprayed gold to represent the sea bed.  Four tall columns of various types of foliage, including azalea, pittisporum, hebe and pussy willow were added before some colour was introduced.  Mauve alliums, pink bouvardia, cerise germinis, pink roses and cerise azaleas were placed at different heights and a colourful arrangement was placed to one side at the base to complete the design.

A tall slender silver container was used for this design interpreting Victoria Falls in Zambia which was declared a World Heritage Site in 1989. Drooping stems of ruscus were placed to one side and fatsia japonica and aspidistra leaves to the other side to provide some balance.  Deep pink tulips and parrot tulips were inserted following the line of the ruscus before orange spray carnations and orange roses were placed in the centre of the design.  Stems of flexi-grass threaded with some beads and a few chincherinchee flowers attached were inserted to follow the flowing line of the rusus.  Finally, a crescent made from pink midilino sticks to represent a rainbow was attached to the container.


Editorial by Jan Read

1st Carolyn Hanley 2nd Ann Neale
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1st Frances Street Porter Joint 2nd Joy Lovelock
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Joint 2nd Sylvia Measday Joint 3rd Jan Read
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Joint 3rd Branda Close  
1st Lynn Allen  
1st Val Cockshott 2nd Jennifer Nobrega
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Well Done to you all - beautiful entries.  Next month there is no competition.  A change of event.  The coach trip to Kew has been cancelled and in place of this there will be a demonstration by our Club Member Sue Staines

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