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The members welcomed Angela Turner, National Demonstrator from Dorset to the December meeting with a demonstration entitled "Spirit of Winter", another treat in celebration of the sixtieth anniversary of the founding of the Club.  Angela has been involved in the design and planning of Winchester and Salisbury Cathedral Flower Festivals as well as demonstrating and teaching.

The first design was for Advent interpreting the celebration of Santa Lucia in Scandinavia on 13 December when the children process through the streets dressed in white robes with red sashes and wreaths of flowing candles on their heads and giving out saffron buns.  A large round white circle with test tubes fixed to white sticks at differing heights provided the mechanics for this design.  Sparkly birch twigs, white lilies, white Anatasia chrysanthemums, small white calla lilies, bear grass, silver ruscus and holly were inserted in the tubes.  Red ilex berries were added to represent lingonberries and the red sashes.  A green ring with white candles attached represented the crown worn by Santa Lucia.  A modern metal Christmas tree decorated in red and white completed this design.

The second Advent design was circular and placed on a pedestal. Four large blue candles had been placed around the ring and a large variety of foliage was used including ivy, pine, pittispoum, eucalyptus, garrya eliptica and skimmia Kew Green;.   Fir cones and turquoise baubles were added and single heads of echeveria gave impact to the four sections  Finally, stars, hearts and cones attached to ribbons were placed around the design and dangled at differing heights.

Angela had made a structure representing a tree with cone-shaped containers attached for the foliage, a natural design with no foam being used.  This design was an interpretation of the Winter Solstice.  Many varieties of plant material were added including twigs, holly, yew, ivy, pinus strobus, hydrangea heads, rosehips, red ilex berries and red amarrylis

Festive fare was the theme for this design and began with a hand-tied bouquet.  Cryptomeria, conifer, pittisporum and magnolia grandiflora were inserted before adding apricot carnations, euhorbia gold, peach avalanche roses, orange leucospermum, dried oranges and cones coated in cinnamon were added.  Fatsia leaves dyed red formed a collar around the bouquet.  The bouquet was placed in an urn and arranged on a low rectangular table with many other items including gold crowns, candles, oranges and four smaller hand-tieds.

A traditional triangle design interpreting New Year's Eve followed.  Red fatsia leaves together with noblesse pine, red twigs and variegated holly provided the outline.  Red gladioli, magenta carnations, red gerberas, dracena leaves, a red lily, purple anthuriums and, finally, a beautiful pink orchid were added;  The design was placed on a pedestal.  To the delight of the members two more similar arrangements were produced to complete this design.

A superb demonstration with so many different colourful designs.  The afternoon finished with a sixties-themed buffet.

The next meeting will take place on 14 January with a demoinbstration by Michelle Davies entitled "Kitchen Kapers"

Editorial by Jan Read




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