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Elizabeth Gordon from Wales was welcomed to the October meeting with her demonstration entitled "Let's Celebrate".

The Club is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year so Elizabeth had chosen to interpret five anniversaries for her theme.  A large round silver pot was used for the first design.  Tall stems of pussy willow were placed in the centre and to one side before adding palm leaves, leather leaf fern and small eucalyptus.  A large stem of a beautiful white cymbidium orchid was placed through the centre and then the lower stems of pussy willow were attached to the orchid stick to form two loops at the side to create movement.  A second identical arrangement completed this design for a silver anniversary.

A large grey urn was used for this design for an emerald anniversary.  Phormium leaves were placed in the centre and an outline created with fatsia, two types of palm leaves, pittisporum, plaited phormium and some pussy willow. Green Anastasia chrysanthemums were placed in a vertical line and Prado carnations were added together with three ornamental cabbages and a pale green stem of amaranthus cascading over the urn.  A handtied was placed at the base to complete this design.

The design for a ruby anniversary was created using a posy pad. Various types of foliage had been inserted including eucalyptus, hedera and laurus tinus.  Red gladioli provided height with red alstromeria and red gerberas place at varying heights and red Naomi roses cut short and placed lower in the design together with some hydrangea. The arrangement was placed on top of a tall brown shiny pot and a second identical arrangement completed this design.

The design for a golden anniversary was a Dutch parallel. Various types of variegated foliage had been inserted.Three tall pink gladioli and three leucadendron (Safari Sunset) provided height with gladioli placed to one side and leucadendron to the other side. An orange lily was placed in the centre with golden alstromeria and orange roses placed lower in the design  The arrangement was placed on a large terracotta pot with a second placement to complete the design.


As it is such a special year for the Club, the last design was a diamond anniversary.  Rubus, fatsia and palm leaves provided the outline for this low horizontal design.  White Singapore orchids were placed on each side before adding white gerberas and white Avalanche roses with a white lily in the centre.  Dainty stems of waxflower were interspersed throughout the design.  The arrangernent was placed on a tall white metal stand which had clear decorative spheres hanging at different levels to represent diamonds.  A second placement was placed at the base to complete the design.


Editorial by Jan Read

The members welcomed Annette Urquart from Berkshire to the September meeting with a demonstration entitoled "Ready to Roll".

A round dish was used for the first arrangement.  Arching stems of Paddy's Pride ivy and Abelia gave the outline before tall stems of Kniphofia were placed in the centre.  Crab apples, peach Avalanche roses, hydrangea, mauve clematis, conifer and red viburnam berries were inserted.  The arrangement was placed on a tall wooden stand together with two similar arrangements to create a cascade of coloour;.

An interpretation of a ballet dancer performing an arabesque was the inspiration for this design.  A tall metal stand was used with a large cocoa spathe sprayed bronze and attached diagonally across the stand and two smaller cocoa spathes fixed lower down the stand.  Purple calla lilies were insered in the centre and the top spathe together with some small red anthuriums and orange pin cushion proteas.  Stems of golden jasmine cascaded down the stand and a small second arrangement was placed at the base of the stand.

PInk gin was the theme for this design using a very large pink bowl containing two blocks of Oasis.  Hosta and fatsia leaves were placed low in the design and tall stems of tree heather were added with some fern.  Tall pale pink shaggy gerberas and pale pink anthuriums were inserted together with Fiesta pink roses and mauve alstromeria placed lower in the arrangement.  A very pretty and feminine design.

Two large thick pieces of twisted vine sprayed green provided the outline for this design interpreting twists and turns.  Pieces of corokia were placed at the top and bottom of the vine to add interest.  Large fatsias were placed to one side and choco mint phormium leaves were added.  A large agapanthus seedhead was placed at the top with a line of pink anthuriums to one side and some mauve hydrangea.

Two pale green flower pots were used for this design filled with water and some kindling to support the plant material.  Crab apples, small sunflowers, pink sedum, dahlias and some virburnam red berries were inserted to complete this autumnal design.

The last design was a surprise until completion;  This was a pedestal arrangement on a metal stand.  Trailing stems of Paddy's Pride ivy, rubus tricolour, Eleagnus quicksilver provided the outline together with tall stems of Abelia.  White antirrhinums, ornithogalum, large white lilies and white chrysanthemums were placed throughout the design.  A beautiful arrangement with an element of surprise as a pair of blue suede shoes were plaed at the base of the design and the hall was filled with the sound of Elvis Presley singing Blue Suede Shoes.

Editorial by Jan Read


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